Recently I was chatting with one of our customers who's having us do some work on his car. We were reviewing what has been done so far and what's still left to do when I asked, "How did you come upon this car"? He began to tell me about his online purchase, and the red flags started flying in my head. He went on and on about not seeing the problems that we were encountering and how he wished he would've looked at the car more closely before buying. I told him about a service that Rutter's Rod Shop has offered for years, where we'll look at the car BEFORE it gets purchased. Is he regretting not taking advantage of this service? You bet! We understand that not everyone can bring a car to us before they purchase it, but if they can, our customers will tell you point blank to do it. We will inspect the car for all of the hidden dangers that most people can't see. We'll check the frame, suspension, brakes, electrical, and everything in between. Then we'll tell you what (if anything) we found. That will allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not that car is right for you and it could potentially save you thousands.