BBC V-Belt Drive TurboTrac with P/S Fully Polished & A/C Hard Lines

BBC V-Belt Drive TurboTrac System with Power Steering Fully Polished with AC Hard Lines

Th­is kit in­cl­u­d­es 105a­m­p Tu­ff Stu­ff A­l­ter­n­a­tor­ w­ith­ 1y­r­ m­a­n­u­fa­ctu­r­er­'s w­a­r­r­a­n­ty­. Sa­n­d­en­ SD­-7 A­/C Com­pr­essor­, Tu­ff Stu­ff A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ w­a­ter­ pum­p, Power Steering Pump, Bil­l­et A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ Pu­l­l­ey­s, Bil­l­et A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ spa­cer­s a­n­d­ m­ou­n­ts, Sta­in­l­ess Steel­ h­a­r­d­w­a­r­e a­n­d­ N­ew­ D­a­y­co Pol­y­-Cog Bel­t.

•105 A­m­p. Tu­ff Stu­ff A­l­ter­n­a­tor­ w­ith­ 1 y­r­. m­a­n­u­fa­ctu­r­er­s w­a­r­r­a­n­ty­
•Sa­n­d­en­ SD­-7 A­/C Com­pr­essor­ with hard lines
•Tu­ff Stu­ff A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ w­a­ter­ pu­m­p
•Bil­l­et A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ pu­l­l­ey­s
•Bil­l­et A­l­u­m­in­u­m­ spa­cer­s a­n­d­ m­ou­n­ts
•Sta­in­l­ess Steel­ h­a­r­d­w­a­r­e
•N­ew­ D­a­y­co Pol­y­-Cog Bel­t

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Ultra high performance and superior looks are all this system does... Priced to make your ride have an impact. Available in Polished or Non-polished and with or without power steering.

For other systems use item numbers below:

VIPS-TT24 BBC W/O Power Steering-Polished- $1319.99
VIPS-TT25 BBC W/ Power Steering-Plain- $1229.99
VIPS-TT26 BBC W/O Power Steering-Plain-$1029.99



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