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Q: Questions about steering columns

DD shafting: I can push my DD shaft up into your column, right? Please don't put your 3/4"DD shaft inside our 1"DD tubing!!! We don't recommend it, Borgeson doesn't recommend it. Please use a coupler or a u-joint. Column drops: Most of you know that the column drop is split and to install the column you need to take the bottom off of the drop. The question of the day…"how do I slide that drop up over the wires exiting your column?" I once bet a guy my next paycheck that the drop was 2 pieces. ididit columns: It may not be an ididit column, but "they're just like an ididit." Or, "the guy I bought it from told me it was an ididit." Be aware of unscrupulous vendors out there that like to sell inferior products by falsely comparing them to ours.